As someone who has spent the last five years getting to grips with Moroccan culture, here are a few tidbits for unsuspecting travelers:

  • Did you know, that traditionally Moroccan’s eat five times a day! And big meals, not just little snacks;
  • If a Moroccan says no, they really mean yes! If you welcome a Moroccan into your house and you ask them if they would like a drink, make it anyway, even if they say no;
  • When a Moroccan visits a new baby, they are obliged to give the baby money;
  • Moroccan’s love a trip hazards!! Moroccan’s will never walk on a rug in the house with shoes on, so they take them off at the edge of the rug, leaving their shoes in the middle of the room for everyone else to fall over;
  • If anyone visits you, you are obliged to roll out the red carpet, at the very least with tea, home-made cakes, biscuits and breads; even if they are visiting because you are sick or unwell!

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