We have had to say goodbye to a group from Ashtanga Yoga Limerick. They were an amazing group of people for us to host, and we can’t wait for you all to come back.

They had a jam packed week, with yoga twice a day, and sightseeing. They got to explore Biougra (our local town), and the surround area, and beaches; a visit to Agadir souk;  have a surf lesson; a visit paradise valley; a visit Essaouira; and we treated them to Moroccan picnics, of Couscous and tagine.

Plus A big thank you to Christine, who delivered such good quality yoga throughout the holiday.  Yoga sessions took place on our roof terrace; next to the waterfalls; and there was even acroyoga on the beach.

If your thinking of staying with us, check out our Facebook page for the reviews!



One Comment on “A fond farewell!

  1. If you are looking for authenticity I’d urge you to choose them as your entry into the real Morocco. Everyone here goes out of their way to ensure that you get the best from the Riad and the local area. Nothing seemed out of reach, these guys are extremely accommodating and will try to cater to your needs – be it getting the best at the local market, finding the best waves or providing authentic Moroccan food and drinks. Soufiane is proud of his country and will show you the fascinating sights and sounds wherever and whenever possible.


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