One of the first things we introduced to our garden was a vegetable & herb patch. We wanted to make sure that we knew where, and how all the food that was cooked and consumed at the Riad had been grown. If we couldn’t meet the demand from our garden, the fruit and vegetables are sourced from one of the two farms situated either side of the Riad, both within 3 miles.

We’ve had some great successes, some fails, and plenty of lessons learnt, but the time has come to increase the size of our veggie patch. As we have developed the garden and the different functioning spaces we have failed to find a workable space. So they are on the move!!

We are lucky enough to have a small lot of land, a few hundred meters from the Riad. We  are in the process of building a perimeter wall, before we start work on establishing our new veggie patch. We will also be moving our chickens and sheep to the new site, because as much as we love having them, they cause a lot of trouble.

The one thing that will be staying is the herbs. Noah is desperate to have his own area of the garden to look after, so we are dedicating an area of the roof terrace to a potted herb garden. Watch this space, and we will keep you up dated on Noah’s antics!!

Sarah xx



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