If you’ve booked yourself onto one of our retreat’s or cookery holiday’s, chances are you will be exploring the local area with us. Here are few of things you might get to see.

Biougra town & Market

The Riad is situated in a traditional village just outside Biougra town. Monday is market day, and a chance for guests to experience how the locals shop. We are very much, off the main tourist route, so you’re treated as a local (which means local prices), and will probably not see another tourist in town. So if you want to experience Morocco through the eyes of a Moroccan, this is the place to come!

I love the Monday market; the smells, colours, and noises are nothing like you would experience in other parts of the world. Everyone is very friendly and knows our family. They will know that you are staying with us, so there is no chance of getting lost. I can honestly say, if I left our 5-year-old in town, he would be returned home within half an hour, safe and sound, and would probably have been fed on the way.

 In a tourist area, you might get some hassle from persistent market sellers, but it’s really not like that here. Everyone will want to talk to you, but it’s to say hello, or get you to try the fruit they are selling.  The market here really is a one-stop shop, and reminds me of the old Maidstone Market my grand parents would take me around as a child, 30 years ago. It’s an amazing assault on your senses. You will definitely be able to get some unique and beautiful things here.


Taroudant is a beautiful city, pretty much untouched by tourism, and only 30 minutes drive to the East of Biougra.

Unlike Agadir, whose city centre was flattened in the 1950’s as a result of an earthquake, Taroudant has one of the best-preserved old cities in Morocco. The medieval city walls stretch 7.5 Kilometres, with 130 towers, and 19 bastions.

Of course, they have a couple of really good markets for you to bargain for treasures. Similarly to Biougra, the vendors are typically not aggressive, and really keen to help.


Paradise valley

Paradise valley is a 11/2 hour  drive from the Riad but it’s worth it. You will set off in the morning, driving up to the hills, where you will have a short, guided walk to a favourable spot. You will have the day to enjoy swimming in the natural rock pools. Our staff prepare a tagine the old fashioned way, over the campfire. Depending on the stay you’re booked onto, you may even get to join a yoga or mindfulness session while you’re there.

Agadir centre & souk

The trip into Agadir offers a complete contrast to the areas in and around the Riad. Agadir is a city driven by tourism. The Souk is a permanent fixture, with a good mix of things for locals and tourists, and well worth the look. You will be sure to find a few interesting presents but you will notice the price difference. Make sure you haggle, as they will over-charge you, if they can get away with it.

Agadir has a beautiful bay, with a boardwalk that stretches the length of the city. The beach is always busy in the summer months with locals but reasonably empty for the rest of the year. In the last couple of years, the local government have taken the time to clean the city beach, which makes for a much more enjoyable visit.

While in the city, you will get the opportunity to visit the highest point overlooking the bay. The Kasbah is set upon a hillside, just back from the water-front. It provides an amazing view across the bay and the city.



Our nearest beach is ‘Tifnit’, its not a beach well know to tourists, so it’s normally empty outside the Moroccan holidays. Just a short drive from the Riad, our guests enjoy the quiet, the sun and calm waters, and to add to the experience we provide a Moroccan picnic. Evening yoga is often held on the beach, as the sun sets.

There are several other beaches within driving distance, and time permitting we do take guests to those beaches, however, they are particularly busy, but provide a good environment for beginner and intermediate surfers, should you choose to bolt on surf lessons to your stay.



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