We are a Moroccan-English family, a husband and wife team from different continents and different cultures; brought together by our shared passions for family, food and fun by the sea.

Having lived between two countries for the last 5 years, we decided to make a permanent move to Morocco, along with our two children. We took possession of Riad Zanbaq in June 2015 and have since been working tirelessly to create our  Moroccan retreat; a unique space where we can share our passion for authentic Moroccan food and culture.

It is our aim, to continue to develop our site, using local materials, local craftsmen and local expertise. By maintaining high ethical standards and following our principles of sustainability, we wish to deliver an experience, that is not only authentic but that also gives back to our local community and fosters greater cross-cultural relations and understanding.

In time, we hope to extensively develop the grounds of the riad, with the ultimate aim of being completely self-sufficient but for the moment, we are taking baby steps, and we are at the beginning of a very long and exciting journey, both as a business and as a family.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Riad Zanbaq!

Sarah and Soufiane, November 2016.