Our standard wedding package caters for for up to 80 guests but ultimately, we tailor our packages to suit you; from small, intimate ceremonies to altogether, largere more elaborate affairs.  

What’s included?

For the Bride and Groom:

  • Airport transfers, from Agadir & Marrakesh airport
  • A long weekend (full-board) at the Riad, So that you can see where your wedding will be held (presuming your wedding will be in 2018, your break can be taken between September & December 2017)
  • 7 nights (full-board*) stay for the week leading up to the wedding, to help with the final touches.
  • A garden suite room, with doors out onto the garden, in the week prior to the wedding.
  • The night of the wedding you will get to stay in one of our luxury Bedouin tents set in a secluded part of the garden.

*A bottle of complementary wine will be provided at dinners.

On the day:

  • You will have exclusive use of the Riad, which includes the roof terrace, courtyard, dinning room, and den area.
  • Separate rooms will be provided for the Bride and Groom to get ready. This will include a hair and makeup artist for the Bride, and a barber for the Groom.
  • We will arrange all of the flowers for the wedding, and where possible these will be from our garden. In keeping with the sustainable theme of the Riad, and to give that something extra, the bride will be able to hand-pick her bouquet on the morning of the wedding.
  • A photographer.

Wedding dress:

  • We can help with wedding dress arrangements to suit any style, especially if you would like a traditional Moroccan kaftan.


Your wedding will have a gentle Moroccan theme, with all the vibrant colours that you associate with the country; or if your brave enough to embrace more of the wedding traditions, some of which can be very fun, such as the procession, and henna, then this can be encompassed.

For example, if you choice the wedding henna, we could then arrange for there to be a henna station at your wedding so other members of your party could try.


Guests will be welcomed at the Riad in the Morning for the ceremony and greeted with traditional Moroccan welcome drinks, this is usually Moroccan Tea, and traditional delights.

After the ceremony, guest can relax on the roof terrace, and enjoy drinks and canapés. The bar will also be open in the evening; it will be an open bar for guests to the agreed limit, set by you. After this time guest can purchase further drinks.

Guests will be seated in the olive grove for your wedding breakfast. A long table will stretch out under the lit trees, where they can enjoy the food and drink; or smaller round tables can dot in between the trees.

Menu A

Relaxed dinning with a spit roast in the garden, with barbecued fish, meats and vegetarian options. With accompanying, side dishes, breads, and a selection of desserts. Everyone helps themselves.


Menu B

Formal dinning, the meal is served to guests. You will have a choice of two starters, two mains course, and two desserts.

Alcoholic Drinks

35 bottles of red & 35 bottles of white wine will be provided at the wedding breakfast.

Cava, wine, beers and spirit’s can/will be provided at a bar service on the roof terrace. Quantities would need to be agreed with you depending on what was required.

The ceremony

A platform will be set at the edge of the natural pool for the ceremony, and your guests will be seated in front. You can have either a civil ceremony or, there are Methodist and Catholic priests that can preside over the wedding.

The wedding will be ceremonially only, so you will need to make arrangements to sign a wedding register in your county of origin. It is possible to be legally married here but its not a simple process. Moroccan weddings here are only ceremonially, the legal part is done by CONTRACT not licence, and is actually signed by both parties at the engagement (so technically they are married at this point). It is possible to arrange this but it will be at an added cost, as you will require a solicitor and present the papers at court to be legalised (I did it this way and it wasn’t the quickest process in the world).

The evening

For entertainment we have a covered outdoor bandstand area, where guests can dance, or relax. The music can be to your taste, either traditional Moroccan music, or DJ. Surrounding the bandstand area will be comfortable seating and tables for those not wishing to dance.

A light buffet will be provided in the evening.

The wedding cake

We will arrange a classic wedding cake to your taste.


The Riad can accommodate 14 guests, on a shared basis, and there is a hotel 10 minutes drive away for any additional guests.

I would suggest that the service is on a Saturday and guest can fly in for the weekend. Guests can book directly with us, and we can make arrangements with the local hotel, so that any bookings with them can be made at a favourable cost. We can arrange airport transfers for your guest, as part of their booking, and transport on the day to and from the hotel to the Riad can be provided.

Onward travel

We would be able to assist with any onward travel plans in Morocco, if you were wishing to make honeymoon arrangements.

The most important thing……… it’s your day and we are here to make it happen.


                                                 Contact us today!


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